Main Assets


Robust, light weighted and ergonomic

The Guidepass is extremely convenient as it very light (30g) and very small. Its size allows the an optimal storage system. An equipment of 30 devices can be easily be carried from one place to another if the guide needs to give out or collect the audiophones from different places..


Freedom of movement

The receivers possess a « clip on » packaging. Therefore, it can be fixed on many different items of a person’s clothing. This system increases the visitors comfort when discovering a new site


Ease of use

This brand new system is entirely automatic and can integrate up to 64 channels. All the guide has to do is to select a transmission channel and the receivers distributed to the visitors will automatically and almost instantly switch to the appropriate channel.  


Excellent sound quality

The guidepass is one of the rare devices on the market to be set on a 2.4 Ghz frequency. It benefits from a high digital reception which operates at a distance of 80m on an open air area. The sound quality is therefore excellent and risk of interference with other systems is close to zero.


An elegant design

When conceiving the Guidepass Sycomore wished to create an entirely new design differentiating the device the older generations of audiophone with a robust appearance.